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our open makery is just what it sounds like. you come to the makery and choose to make anything on our menu. choose to make a bundle or pick and choose a few items from several bundles. you can customize the scents as well if you'd like. we provide all the ingredients and containers. we will walk you through the entire process. 
 you can also give us your ideas and we can custom make anything you dream up! either way it will be fabulous with you as the maker!
click the button below to visit our workshops page and choose the open makery date that works for you. we can't wait to make with you!

spa 30

bath fizz crumble 9

body scrub 10

relaxing pillow mist 6

body butter 12


teen beauty bar 20

blemish roller 7

emotions roller 7

body spray 7

lip sugar scrub 5

teacher survival kit 20

table cleaner 5

stress be gone roller 9

stinky room spray 7


home cleaning 25

carpet powder 7

all-purpose cleaner 7

room + linen spray 10

wood floor cleaner 7

wellness 35

detox bath salts

chest rub 16

immunity roller 11

germ away spray 9


wellness jr 30

immunity boosting bath salts 8

immunity roller, jr 7

chest rub, jr 10

germ away spray 9



calm kids kit 12

chill out bath salts 7

night, night spray 8

home makeover 25

hand soap 9

hand lotion 14

room spray 7

surviving spring 25

bye pollen roller 16

nasal inhaler 7

throat spray 6